Wed, 09 Mar 2005


Travolta flies Atlantic for premiere

LONDON: Actor John Travolta graced the red carpet in London on Monday after flying across the Atlantic in his private jet.

Attending the London premiere of his new movie, Be Cool, the actor and trained pilot provided his own definition of cool.

"Yesterday we left the house, kissed the kids goodbye, then we went into the backyard, got in a jet and flew to London. That was pretty cool," said Travolta, who was accompanied by wife, Kelly Preston.

Travolta plays mobster-turned-movie producer Chili Palmer in Be Cool, the sequel to the 1995 comedy Get Shorty.

The film reunites him with Uma Thurman, with whom he shared a famous dance scene in Pulp Fiction.

"He's the best dance partner. The nicest thing about being in the film was being together again. We're old friends, and we had a great time together," said Thurman, who wore a Louis Vuitton backless top and tiered skirt to the premiere in London's Leicester Square. --AP