Sat, 12 Mar 2005

Thousand Islands proposed as dump

JAKARTA: Since no solutions are in sight to the prolonged waste crises in the city following the abortive trial of the operation of the Bojong waste treatment plant in Bogor, West Java, City Council Commission D on development affairs has proposed the use of islets in the Thousands Islands regency as an alternative dump.

Commission member of the second largest faction in the council, the Democratic Party faction, Denny Taloga said the use of city-owned islets there would minimize a "conflict of interests" in view of the urgent need for an alternative dump to replace the outdated Bantar Gebang dump in Bekasi.

Denny said the administration could cooperate with fishermen in the northern coastline of the capital to dispose of the city's daily trash of 6,000 tons.

"That could also help those fishermen whose business is in the doldrums due to the recent fuel price increase," he said.

The regency has a total of 869.71 hectares of land, comprising a total of 106 islands. JP.