Thu, 10 Mar 2005

From: AFP

RI hackers vent anger against KL

INDONESIA: A territorial dispute between Indonesia and Malaysia moved into cyberspace on Wednesday as Indonesian hackers launched attacks on Malaysian websites.

Government sites were the main targets of the campaign which came on top of three days of street protests against Malaysia's granting of an oil concession off Kalimantan island in an area claimed by both countries.

In one attack on a website belonging to the office of the Sultan of Perak, Malaysia's second-largest state, visitors were greeted by the word "Indonesia" on a red-and-white background -- the colors of the national flag.

Scrolling text also carried the sentences: "Indonesia is united" and "do not disturb my land".

The Malaysian public works department's website was also defaced, but was restored later on Wednesday.

Malaysia and Indonesia have overlapping border claims in the Sea of Sulawesi. Since the oil concession was granted last month, warships and fighter planes have been mobilized with both sides accusing the other of incursions.

The foreign ministers of the two countries are scheduled to meet over the dispute here later on Wednesday. -- AFP