Wed, 09 Mar 2005

PPP members protest in front of HQ

JAKARTA: Some 100 members and supporters of the Untied Development Party (PPP) protested outside the party's headquarters in Jakarta, carrying a coffin to symbolize the death of democracy in the party.

"Democracy dies in PPP," said Azwar Abbas, a member of the party's Jakarta chapter and the leader of the rally on Tuesday.

The protest was staged in response to a decision by the party's national board to suspend five board members who took part in a gathering last month without the consent of PPP leader Hamzah Haz.

The five are deputy PPP chairman Andi Ghalib, Suryadharma Ali, Zarkasih Nur, Lukman Hakim Saefudin and Emron Pangkapi. They have said they will bring their case to the courts. -- Antara