Sun, 06 Mar 2005

On the Record: 3 Doors Down

Artist : 3 Doors Down
Album : Seventeen Days (Universal Music)

Mississippi band 3 Doors Down stand somewhere mid-way between the highs and lows of rock, and between heavy metal bombast and indie-rock sloppiness.

In the course of their career, 3 Doors Down played standard middle-of-the-road songs with '90s-guy lyrics and sold a million records for it.

And they relish the feat. So don't blame them if the five-man band tries the old trick all over again in their third album, Seventeen Days.

In Seventeen Days -- the number of days the band took for a break between a tour and recording the album -- the band revisits their first two albums, The Better Life and Away From The Sun with a ringing precision. The band even cover their two biggest hits Here Without You and Away From The Sun in an acoustic rendition.

Simply put, this is rock in its most harmless form. -- M. Taufiqurrahman