Mon, 07 Mar 2005

On RI laws

I agree with Mario Mascalchi from Cagliary, Italy, who loves Indonesia the same as I do (The Jakarta Post, Feb. 23: Investment and RI laws).

The Indonesian immigration policy is very discriminatory to foreign husbands, which in my opinion should be reported to International Human Rights organizations.

All countries should make it much more difficult for Indonesian citizens to come to our countries, until the Indonesian government changes its discriminatory behavior. For your information Mascalchi: There is a recent law in Indonesia, which allows foreigners over 55 years of age to get a stay permit for five years that can be extended periodically.

As far as I know the conditions are as follows: Your monthly pension should be about 1,300 euros minimum, you must have your own health insurance, and insurance with death and disability coverage.

I think you should contact the nearest Indonesian Embassy for the correct information. Best of luck and let us all hope the immigration law will be changed to one that is respectful of human rights soon.

A. VAN DER LINDEN, The Netherlands