Mon, 07 Mar 2005


Maestro Wianta kicks off world tour

Made Wianta has always been known for his provocative effort to bring together Balinese, Japanese and European traditions in his as bridges East and West as well as North and South.

Outside of this country, he is dubbed by many art critics as the universal artist from Bali. No wonder Marc Bollansee and Urs Ramseyer feel it necessary to take the moniker as the title of their book, Made Wianta: Universal Balinese Artist.

As an artist with a universal perspective, Wianta will take any opportunity to share his works with an international audience by traveling around the world from Jakarta, New York and Milan to Mexico City, Sao Paolo and many more.

As a starter, the Jakarta exhibition, entitled Metamorphosis Made Wianta, takes place at the Lobby Lounge Bimasena of the Hotel Dharmawangsa in Kebayoran Baru.

A total of 25 paintings are showcased in this Jakarta exhibition, which runs from March 3 until March 12. The paintings represent Wianta's artistic journey -- exploring different kinds of "morphe" -- one period to the next periods.

The journey embarks with Wianta's Karangasem period which is rarely shown to public, then it goes to the once-popular dot period (periode titik), and continues to the triangle period before concluding with the calligraphy period.

His meeting with world-class curator Robert C. Morgan in 2003 marked a tremendous leap. Morgan is an art history professor at Columbia University in New York, Barnard College, Rochester Institute of Technology and has been a curator in several reputable international art and cultural events.

Morgan has recently finished a book on Wianta -- entitled Wild Dogs from Bali: The Art of Made Wianta -- which will be launched in April in New York during Wianta's exhibition there.

Born in Apuan, Tabanan Bali in 1949, Wianta has unequaled mastery of colors and forms, which also match with his mastery of words as he also writes poems. --JP