Sat, 19 Nov 2005

From: Jawawa

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On marrying Indonesian women

First of all, Keluarga Perkawinan Campuran Melalui Tangan Ibu (KPCMelati) would like to wish you and your distinguished readers celebrating Idul Fitri a Happy Idul Fitri 1426 H.

Second, we would like to offer further clarification regarding: 1. Want to marry RI women? Pay Rp 500 m in deposit published in The Jakarta Post on Oct. 10. During a half-day seminar hosted by the Alida Center on Oct. 22 at the Gran Melia Hotel, this horrendous topic was clarified by Prof. Dr. Valerine, J.L.K., a member of the Supreme Court and one of the speakers at the seminar. The idea was intended to serve and protect divorced women in an Islamic court or a civil court. An objection was made by your journalist claiming that she withheld supporting evidence. Following a report on the seminar this statement was never put forward. Given the chaos produced by your first publication on Oct. 10, we deem it necessary that you acknowledge this omission. 2. With regard to Hak Pakai for 90 years for foreigners in the Post (September 2005), our comment is that this information created a big buzz among the expatriate community as well as in the circle of mixed marriages. For the benefit of our members, we conducted an investigation through a notary/PPAT in Bali and followed through to the Authority of Badan Pertanahan in Bali. The result was: There was no regulation issued by the authority in Bali for foreigners to hold a Hak Pakai for 90 years.

It is necessary to clarify this issue mentioned in your articles, whether it was merely an advertisement for that particular property developer or if is a new regulation stipulated by the authorities of Bali. If that is the case, please name the regulation.

Keluarga Perkawinan Campuran Melalui Tangan Ibu (KPC Melati) Jakarta