Fri, 18 Nov 2005



President needs to be consistent

From Kontan

Several days before the fuel prices were raised, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said the increase would be around 30 percent or 50 percent at the maximum. But strangely, the rise later turned out to be an average of 100 percent and even more than 200 percent for kerosene, widely consumed by ordinary people.

A president should have credibility by keeping his or her word so as to maintain authority and dignity. Any attitude of hesitation, indecision and lack of consistency should be avoided.

The general public is wondering what really happened before the Cabinet finally decided to announce such a big increase, and whether the President thoroughly considered the matter with his deepest conscience as a man of rural origins.

The fuel price hike has caused hardship to tens of millions of people, particularly those in villages. The prices of goods and services have risen by over 50 percent.

Let us hope that the rumored twin national leadership, in which the power of the chief executive is apparently reduced, will not materialize. People have made the right choice, yet the top leader needs to take the helm of the administration fully and listen to the voice of the people.

In this way, the President will not only follow the logical analysis of his aides alone, as the common people cannot afford to be burdened with skyrocketing prices. Therefore, a downward revision of fuel prices resulting in a maximum increase of 50 percent as originally stated should be allowed.

H.J. YUWONO Jakarta