Sun, 13 Feb 2005


Ice skating to get Hollywood comic treatment

The graceful Olympic sport of ice skating is to get the Hollywood comic treatment courtesy of Ben Stiller and Steven Spielberg.

According to Daily Variety, the star of Meet the Fockers and DodgeBall is to produce a movie for Steven Spielberg's Dreamworks Studio about two ice skating rivals who must overcome their differences to find success together.

The twist is that both are banned for fighting in the final of the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. After three years in obscurity they settle their difference to compete in the only category still open to them -- the pairs figure skating championship.

Equally surprising is the identity of the writers -- a pair of unknown brothers who have reportedly kept their day jobs as a TV editor and a server at Starbucks.

"This is weird to have all this stuff happen and to still have to wake up at 4:30 in the morning to go work at Starbucks every day," Craig Cox said. "And I guess it will be kind of funny when I go on my break over to the newsstand to read about it."

"Being brothers, growing up together, we have the same comic mind, and we clicked," he continued. "We were watching an ice skating tournament, and we couldn't believe no one came up with this idea before." -- DPA