Wed, 09 Mar 2005

Disturbing noise

On Sundays we usually play tennis with our friends, but this Sunday it was impossible due to the rain. That's why we had to stay home, which we actually didn't mind especially because I was slightly ill.

We live very close to CITOS mall so we are used to some noise, but this Sunday it was out of bounds! The day started with a big bang at 8 a.m. when a band was trying very hard to convince us that the louder you play the better the music. In between were some singers, most likely from the village.

Soon after the band had finished its session, a car in the parking lot switched on its alarm system at about noon and was still in operation at 5 p.m.

CITOS, this is really a very poor performance from your employees. Special blame should go to the management, which I would fire because since the mall's opening they have not succeeded in creating an atmosphere around the mall that is acceptable to both visitors and residents living around the mall. I have tried many times before to talk to the CITOS management but without any results!

I hope this time the message finds the right person.