Wed, 09 Mar 2005

Case files in murder of Barkah complete

JAKARTA: The Jakarta police have sent the case files on the murder of Barkah Hanim, the wife of a director of the National Intelligence Agency (BIN), and her driver, Rachmat Rohat, to prosecutors last Monday, reported on Tuesday.

Police investigator Comr. Riad said the files on three suspects: Nurlida Alkatiri, Subono and Adnin Hassan, had been forwarded to the Jakarta Prosecutor's Office, while the one on Leo Hasibuan, the alleged hired assassin, who at the time of the murder on Feb. 12 was a member of the military, was given to the military police.

Police said that the three suspects, who owed a large sum of money to Barkah, ordered Leo to execute the 41-year-old mother of two. She and her driver were found dead from multiple stab wounds in her pickup truck.--JP