Wed, 09 Mar 2005

From: Jawawa

*Construction of Tangguh LNG plant may start soon Page 2 *Aceh fishermen reject resettlement program Page 4 *Lake Toba Summit aims for sustainable development Page 5 *Fuel price rise keeps fishermen tied up Page 8 *Rachman to defend belt against Thai in Merauke Page 10 *Massive pro-Syrian protest as troops begin pullback Page 11 *Govt to propose two state budget revisions Page 13 *House alleges wrongdoings in Texmaco asset sales Page 14 *No agreement on reforming Stability and Growth Pact Page 15 *Aspirin doesn't help younger women avoid heart problem Page 17 *If slimming not enough, get firm Page 18 *Nortier, the Medan-born composer of U.S. hymns Page 20