Sat, 12 Mar 2005

600 drop out from school every year

YOGYAKARTA: Despite being known as the city of education, the number of children dropping out from elementary schools in Yogyakarta province is high.

Recent data published by the provincial education office shows that as many as 604 of some 300,000 elementary schoolchildren dropped out during 2004, both from private and state schools.

"It's mostly because parents can no loner afford to send their children to school," Yogyakarta provincial education office head Sugito said.

Of the 604, 187 were from Gunungkidul regency, 126 from Sleman, 105 from Yogyakarta municipality, 97 from Bantul regency, and 89 from Kulonprogo.

The number of students dropping out from junior and senior high schools in the province was no less than those at elementary schools.

The same data shows that 727 of more than 125,000 junior high school students dropped out from school the same year, while some 1,250 dropped out from senior high schools.

Attempts to reduce the figure, according to Sugito, have been made by the provincial education office, including the provision of scholarships for children from poor families. -- JP